Cyclosporin A enhances the survivability of mouse cerebral cortex grafted into the third ventricle of rat brain.


The effect of the immunosuppressant cyclosporin A on the survivability of newborn mouse cerebral cortex transplanted into the third ventricle of adult rats was investigated. Hematoxylin staining revealed that the transplanted mouse brain tissue was rejected by 4 weeks after the transplantation in the control group. In contrast, a large mass of grafted tissue was clearly detected in the third ventricle even 4 weeks after the transplantation in the cyclosporin A-treated group, and the grafted tissue was heavily stained with Thy-1.2 mouse monoclonal antibody. The results indicate that cyclosporin A is an effective immunosuppressant in neuronal transplantation as well as in transplantation of other organs.


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