Two-dimensional high-resolution NMR spectra in matched B(0) and B(1) field gradients.


In a recent publication we presented a method to obtain highly resolved NMR spectra in the presence of an inhomogeneous B(0) field with the help of a matched RF gradient. If RF gradient pulses are combined with "ideal" 90 degrees pulses to form inhomogeneous z rotation pulses, the line broadening caused by the B(0) gradient can be refocused, while the full chemical shift information is maintained. This approach is of potential use for NMR spectroscopy in an inhomogeneous magnetic field produced by an "ex-situ" surface spectrometer. In this contribution, we extend this method toward two-dimensional spectroscopy with high resolution in one or both dimensions. Line narrowing in the indirect dimension can be achieved by two types of nutation echoes, thus leading to depth-sensitive NMR spectra with full chemical shift information. If the nutation echo in the indirect dimension is combined with a stroboscopic acquisition using inhomogeneous z-rotation pulses, highly resolved two-dimensional correlation spectra can be obtained in matched field gradients. Finally, we demonstrate that an INEPT coherence transfer from proton to carbon spins is possible in inhomogeneous B(0) fields. Thus, it is possible to obtain one-dimensional (13)C NMR spectra with increased sensitivity and two-dimensional HETCOR spectra in the presence of B(0) gradients of 0.4 mT/cm. These schemes may be of some value for ex-situ NMR analysis of materials and biological systems.


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